Viable Vision

What is Viable Vision ?

Viable Vision is a proven strategic plan and approach that lays out the steps to transform an organization’s current total sales into net profits within 4 years. Viable Vision is the strategy and SPECIFIC tactics to achieve what was previously considered impossible.

What to change : Most local improvement efforts would already be going on and yet the extraordinary result is often missing. The first focus and maintained focus of Viable Vision is to identify the core problem.

What to Change to :  A new solution must not only overcome a core problem but also not cause new undesirable effects. The solution developed must look at future performance at overall level while mitigating local risks.

To cause the Change :  A well developed solution often fails in execution. Viable Vision executes one step at a time. The first steps must yield noteworthy and rapid results before implementing the next step in order to foster a sense of acceptance at execution level.

Gradually, a decisive competitive advantage is built, capitalised and sustained.